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  How lengthy till Ugadi? Ugadi

  Dates of Ugadi in India

2022 Apr 2

Andhra PradeshSat, Apr 2Regional Vacation

Tamil NaduSat, Apr 2Regional Vacation

TelanganaSat, Apr 2Regional Vacation

2020 Mar 25

Andhra PradeshWed, Mar 25Regional Vacation

KarnatakaWed, Mar 25Regional Vacation

Tamil NaduWed, Mar 25Regional Vacation

TelanganaWed, Mar 25Regional Vacation

2019 Apr 6

Andhra PradeshSat, Apr 6Regional Vacation

KarnatakaSat, Apr 6Regional Vacation

Tamil NaduSat, Apr 6Regional Vacation

TelanganaSat, Apr 6Regional Vacation

2018 Mar 18

Andhra PradeshSolar, Mar 18Regional Vacation

KarnatakaSolar, Mar 18Regional Vacation

Tamil NaduSolar, Mar 18Regional Vacation

TelanganaSolar, Mar 18Regional Vacation


Ugadi marks the start of a brand new Hindu lunar calendar with a change within the moon’s orbit.

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When is Ugadi?

Ugadi is the Lunar New Yr’s Day for the folks of the Telugu and Kannada communities in India.

The date of Ugadi relies on calculations of the place of the moon courting again to twelfth century. Ugadi begins on the primary new moon after the Spring Equinox. Ugadi is widely known the following morning as an Indian day begins from dawn.

This date normally falls in late March or early April within the western calendar and this date moon signifies a change within the seasons and basically means Ugadi is a spring competition.

In Maharashtra, it is called Gudipadawa and could also be referred to as Gudi Padava in different elements of India..

The title Yugadi or Ugadi is derived from the Sanskrit phrases yuga (age) and ādi (beginning) – ‘the start of a brand new age’.

Historical past of Ugadi

The legend behind this competition is that Lord Brahma created the universe on Ugadi.

The nine-day lengthy spring competition of Vasanta Navratri (Chaitra Navratri) begins on today and concludes on Ram Navami. It’s believed that the creator of the Hindu pantheon Lord Brahma began creation on today – ‘Chaitra Suddha Padhyami’ or the Ugadi day.

The famed Indian Mathematician Bhaskaracharya’s astronomical calculations within the twelfth century decided the date of Ugadi from the dawn on as the start of the New Yr, a brand new month and new day.

How is Ugadi celebrated?

Preparations for Ugadi start every week prematurely and embrace customs frequent to many spring festivals reminiscent of home cleansing and shopping for new garments. On the day of Ugadi, a convention is to rise up earlier than daybreak for an Abhyang – a head tub an after massaging with sesame oil.

Ugadi heralds the arrival of Spring and hotter climate. As such it’s a joyous competition signifying development and prosperity and as with all New Yr festivals, it’s a likelihood to place the errors of the previous behind, make predictions and a superb time to begin new ventures.

A customary meals ready throughout Ugadi is Bevu Bella, a paste produced from jaggery (sugar), neem buds, tamarind juice, and uncooked mango. The paste combines a number of candy and bitter tastes. These totally different tastes are supposed to remind anybody tasting the paste that life is a combination of completely happy and unhappy occasions.

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