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Medicare Defined 2021 Medicare Half B & Medicare Half A (and Dietary supplements)

Try our video on Medicare complement plans and Medicare insurance coverage firms: Medicare Complement Plan G …

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  1. If I I have life long medical insurance from working in a union… How does that fit in?..It includes perscriptions…Im thinking I dont buy anything?….It will act medicare supplement and part D also?

  2. I enjoyed your video. I am over 65, and prior to being qualified to MEDICARE at age 65, I went to a couple of MEDICARE seminars. I got more confused, after the seminar. With your video, I now have a better understanding of a very complicated MEDICARE. Thanks, much!

  3. Thank you for creating a clear tutorial on the different parts of medicare. Has helped me with my research for signing my mother up for medicare when she gets close to age.

  4. This was very well done Matthew. I appreciate your even tone, pace and amount of information was perfect. I will be watching all of your videos, and will certainly have some questions. ++++

  5. Actually I am her husband, Harold. Who can I contact in my area to find out if Original Medicare plus Medicare supplemental plan is best for me? Also who do I contact to find out which Medicare advantage plan, which is what I’m on right now is best for me during the environment? Involving /Complicated but helpful. So for that I thank you very much.

  6. There shouldn't be any Medicare gap… For the preiums they change, they need to pay a Hell of lot more.and stop pushing it over to more worthless advantage plans.. BIden and congress is doing an investigation as to why they are using to many advantage plans. They don't pay for anything either.. Just collect preiums

  7. Thank you for your very good and so easy to understand. I will like to recieve a paquet with all the Information. On this very usefull details on the medical isues. Thank you

  8. IS SO FULL OF BULLSHIT, I retired USN in 07. I have been denied medication for type 2 diabetes since 20016. NO MEDICATION NO SHOES NO SOCKS, you can THANK OKLAHOMA CITY VA FOR THEM STEALING FROM VETERANS. Dying is easy, it’s living that is a BITCH.

  9. It sounds a bit easier than the Medicare book makes it sound. I am in serious need for insurance, and face several barriers, but I am going to watch your other videos. This was well presented and understandable. Thank you.

  10. I was previously overwhelmed in the ED by the " We are keeping you" statement. My question was. "am I an out patient, or an inpatient"? No one could give me an acceptable answer. Now it is included in the Medicare Office Book. How could such a valuable determination not have been determined in a healthcare setting been so illusive for so long ? Consumer or patient priority was never a concern in healthcare application. Per this retired Hospital admitting director.

  11. Since having Original Medicare have no limit on financial exposure, will having a Medicare Supplement suffice to cover your financial exposures? If not, is purchasing a 2nd Medicare Supplement even allowed? My husband & I are just worried about future financial obligations due to an unlimited financial exposure from an Original Medicare Plan. I hope I'm making sense. Thank you.

  12. I understand the program now. I have Medicare A and B and blue cross blue shield. So many agents are calling me to change but I refuse because I love the freedom I have. Thank you for your help and I am staying with mine A&B Medicare and my insurance.😁

  13. If I have Tricare will it be better for r me to stick with orig. med A and B? Or move to Medicare advantage? I don’t want to be paying co pay, co insurance and deductible. Will Medicare a and b plus Tricare fir life will do it? Thanks

  14. Super informative without burying us in details! Do you have any videos about Medicare in combination with Health Care Cost Sharing organizations- Samaritan, Medishare, etc?

  15. You made me feel confident and knowledgeable about Medicare. You explain an easy way and you are calm and I absorbed everything. I am glad and I thank you for putting this great presentation. Well done.

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