Supreme Courtroom Dismisses Lawsuit Over Trump Blocking Twitter Customers | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

NBC’s Pete Williams stories on the Supreme Courtroom’s resolution to dismiss a lawsuit over former President Trump blocking Twitter customers who posted crucial feedback. The Justice Division mentioned the top of his presidency made the case a lifeless letter. Aired on 04/05/2021.
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Supreme Courtroom Dismisses Lawsuit Over Trump Blocking Twitter Customers | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC

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  1. Why don't the supreme Court find better things to do like move up the real lawsuits against Trump instead of fooling around with Twitter nonsense. 🤷

  2. Trump supporters: Once again, we see evidence that you are supporting a man who does not understand (or care about) how the Constitution and our laws have been written. By supporting Donald Trump, you have been participating in un-American activities. To a certain degree, you have a right to do so. However, if you continue to support Trump (and his ilk), you may see your rights erode.

  3. FACT: The first rule of 50 that the president must follow is that he is ONLY ALLOWED to communicate on a SECURED PHONE LINE! Being that Trump used Twitter, He "Thought" he was being "Hip, Slick and Cool, .. being in with the trendy crowd" yet by FEDERAL LAW he was COMPROMISING NATIONAL SECURITY! –
    How could the powers that be within the Judicial system dismiss this? – They are condining this country to carry on being unlawful! –
    Trump is a DISGRACE and an ABOMINATION to this country! He is the prime of evil laughing at us all upon what he is getting away with!

  4. It is interesting, the social media aspect. I know that during his Presidency people raved about his tweets, but the scholars agreed that a President can use any method they choose to disseminate official statements. Now that he out though, who controls that?

  5. Thank goodness for small favors. Twits just a cesspool of hate anyway. There need to be laws for twitter, facebook, etc. that if people are going to use those sites for "news", which they are, then those sites must figure out how to label news (real news) and opinions (free speech) AND all of the false information and dangerous conspiracy theories that breed there. They get away with washing their hands of the hate that they allow to breed on their sites without any repercussions. They're used as "media" sites so they should be held to "media" standards. News channels should also have to label news and opinion shows as well. When a host gives an opinion, it should be marked as such.

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