Boy, 13, fatally shot by Chicago police officer in Little Village | ABC7 Chicago

Adam Toledo, 13, was fatally shot by a Chicago police officer in Little Village Monday throughout what police known as an ‘armed confrontation.’ FULL STORY:

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  1. that wasn't police fault, if teen had gun running from police, obviously your gonna be shot thats stupid move run with gun, if you do that, then thats you're own fault, police dont wanna kill but, making a stupid move like that will cause problems

  2. Never trust abc!! Maybe Mommy shouldn’t have raised a thug boy!! Looks like a justified shooting. Justice got served one punk kid can’t harm anyone again ✌️🇺🇸

  3. Are police now trained by the back of a cereal box ! I am a stock block by day and a doorman for many years in the evening to pay for my education. Our training as a doorman is to identify the RISK !!! A cop with a gun , is afraid enough to shoot an unarmed boy and consider he was in danger …FROM WHAT ??? Unless we start treating these gun happy COWARDS , as a civilian in our courts we will have this go on . If you have a cop , that has any evidence that he may do this, fire the idiot and not wait till someone pays a price for his incompetence and cowardliness !!!

  4. It’s Chicago every cop runs with danger every time they chase these kids

    Latin kings and two six gang member maybe

    Look em up they might be skinny and small but they be carrying a gun

    By the way it’s Chicago not Beverly Hills that’s the hood hood

  5. Why is a 13 year old out at 2:30 am with a gun? Why are his parent's not aware of minor curfew laws? This wouldn't have happened if he was home with responsible parents.

  6. Oh please…Police Reform…Really? How about minority and black reform? I'll bet the thumbnail photo ISN"T what he looks like today.

  7. If the mother can cash in the welfare checks and payments for the child, she should be held responsible for his actions. What is a 13 year old doing outside at 3am and with a gun ..

  8. Dear Ms Toledo – Your son is dead because he was allowed to run rampant in the city. Add a handgun to the mix & yes, a police officer has every right to shoot if the person they are chasing is armed. Please take a long look into any mirror to find out the root cause of this little boys death. What in god's name are people thinking?

  9. You want answer? Ask yourself why your 13 year old son is out of the house at 3am. Then ask yourself who did you allow to hang around your child. Stop always asking for cops to answer.

  10. YOu do not get to surrender if you have a gun and run from the cops if you are a minority. You can kill people as a white man run from the cops and get arrested without a scratch. They will shoot you in the back if you are a minority. Most likely he was dealing drugs the gun is for people who would rob him.

  11. His mother now cries, but a wife of a policeman could have cried instead. Crime bring death. Sorry for his age but he was armed and shooting against police.

  12. Surely he was in a gang, otherwise HOW do you explain he was armed and shooting against policemen? Who carry a gun and shoot has to be shot against, age do not matter.

  13. Regardless of whether or not he was gang affiliated, running from the police, etc. we should still all acknowledge the unfortunate loss of life.

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