Message from lady's alleged rapist sparks new push for justice 8 years later

Shannon Keeler was a school freshman when she says a male scholar assaulted her. She says she was shocked to seek out that very same particular person admitting to the assault in a Fb message years later.


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  1. She doesn't want to be known as the girl that got raped but she goes on national tv to tell everyone she got raped…I am sorry but are you about healing ? Why go tell the world something you wanted to keep very private… it really makes no sense to me.

  2. Wow
    Good for you ! Brave women
    I wish I was as brave when it happened to me
    I never told anyone and blamed myself. It ruined my life and self esteem and I’m still
    messed up from my assault

  3. I am so sorry Ms. Keeler.
    As a person who was raped multiple times from the ages of 7-10, I know the damage it can do to your soul.

    At 54y, I am better but the baggage caused PTSD and Bipolar. Back then parents did nothing, police did nothing.

    I wish you healing and justice.

  4. If she is receiving emails or letters or phone messages from the rapist, then she should be able to file a suit for harassment. Public announce his name and publicly shame him. If one cannot trust in the justice system then create your own justice.

  5. If guys are going to continue to be turned down by women then women need to take responsibility for their actions. The government is trying to control the human race and were not going to take it any more.

  6. You deserve justice. Apparently he’s ready to face what he’s done or he wouldn’t have messaged you knowing you could use his confession to open a new case. Never give up.

  7. A lot of women are suffering for life because of rape. We need a law for that. If a man is caught in the act doing that, his penis should be cut. By seeing that men will stop raping women.

  8. Colleges don't care. This is exactly why so many women don't tell after they're assaulted. It's almost impossible to get charges, let alone a conviction. I'm so sorry this is another woman who has to experience this.

  9. Did this individual have the pictures if the the. DA….now judge? WHY not charge him? Alcohol plays nothing in the result, especially if the nerd had offended before.

  10. This is one of those things where people just point out that we have a problem without suggesting a solution. As the attorney pointed out, it's too "he said she said" to prove anything.

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