Google I/O 2021 occasion below 16 minutes

The entire essential bulletins from Google I/O 2021 occasion in 16 minutes.

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  1. Not sure I like the toy like style of Android 12. There's this trend of making UI bigger it seems. Also, the fact all this is controlled by Google makes me sad.

  2. There should be a system-level task-scheduler/automation app, so that you can change sensitive settings that you wouldn't trust a 3rd-party app to do for you. Also, it could be made less power intensive than most automation apps. Perhaps support could be added for 3rd-party menu layouts and plugins like IFTTT.

  3. Man, Pichai really needs to not present. He’s horrible and enthusiasm is non existent. I get he’s the CEO but someone in the production side should really speak up, this dude has zero presentation skills.

  4. Google fighting for privacy is a joke this company is creepy and feel so evil…. invading your privacy is their bread and butter..💯💯💯✌🏻

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