Breaking Information: Lockdown in Delhi prolonged until twenty fourth Could

Breaking Information: Lockdown in Delhi prolonged until twenty fourth Could
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  1. Who is going to punish these people who profiting & many people dying. They knew that ivermectin cures coronaviruses and they didn't allow the hospitals to use it, resulting in many ppl dying. Cov is the great deception. The Rothschild and Rockefellers created the MD as a business I forget what year but they have since then victimized us and I believe they have created the polio virus, the 1918 pandemic just as they are did the cov virus. If you watch every single picture slide on YouTube of the 1918 pandemic you're going to see these suspicious clouds that were then put out by silos and now put out by geoengineering which I believe are distributing these diseases and everything we are suffering from right now. If we don't stop them WE are all going to be in big trouble. We should also sue all social media for censoring the truth. If you check the lawsuit of what they spray the Vietnam vets with and check what they're putting in these geoengineered clouds I'm pretty sure it's pretty much the same thing. Attorneys need to step in and do something about this. These clouds content are making our vegetation die and hurting mankind…just the aluminum alone causes Alzheimer's & cancer…hello everybody!Man, I'm I the only one awoke? The reason Bill Gates is getting a divorce is bcz he's getting sued from different people, countries….you name it and they are trying to save their assets. He is being sued for crimes against humanity and the News is not reporting it but if you dig deep enough it's there.The internet keep debunking all lawsuit News against this demon with flesh on earth and I pray he gets locked up for good and they throw away the key. They are getting a divorce bcz I'm sure they are trying to protect their assets but Linda should be sued also bcz she also was in on these crimes against humanity.

    They both should be prosecuted for their Eugenics project, for meeting 201 behind the planning of this plan-demic.The science & all evidence point to Bill Gates. Get Bill and every other crook involved in chemical/bio warfare that was outlawed since Hitler.
    This virus kills just as much as the regular flu does and the reason why people are dying is bcz they are not treating the patient's properly in the hospital when the hospital "deem" someone covid positive…they are intubating them & that is not the way to treat cov patience according to Dr Pierre Kory. Look them up on YouTube it's a 28 minute video in his Senate hearing trying to get the help on the proper treatment for cov. Ivermectin is the way to treat cov.
    There's a attorney in Florida who is suing Hospitals for loved ones who want ivermectin used to save their loved ones and he's won in court every single time. Look that up on YouTube. It's amazing. Also what you guys don't know is that there are more than $80,000 doctors and nurses around the world that are fighting against the vaccine bcz they know what's in it. Reader beware…you've been warned.
    This virus isn't hurting anyone more than the common flu…watch Dr. Scott Jensen's video on YouTube about the virus real death-toll. What Dr. Pierre Kory's 28 minute video on the study of what he calls the silver bullet for treating cov. Our loved ones life depends on this. Many people have lost their homes again, we are now losing our loved ones due to people being intubated instead of using what Dr Kory or another doctor by the name of Dr. Richard Bartlett MD from Texas and how he uses an over the counter inhaler/steroid that is used for asthma
    I'm a cap drive and I was exposed over 14 times and I had a horrible sensation of not being able to breathe, a horrific headache, I was tired and lethargic, I felt stiff neck and stiff body. My father had a stroke years ago and always told me if you have chest pain or you can't breathe or if your temples are sore or your left hand is sore take a couple aspirin… I was so scared I took 5 (81 mg of LOW DOSE aspirin) & 2,000mg of vitamin C. I could breathe better so I took 3 more aspirin and I could breathe perfectly. At night I took 3 more (81mg of aspirins) before I fell asleep. I felt big blood clots moving throughout my legs and my heart would quiver, I prayed every single time and fell asleep and woke up fine every single time. A couple of times I couple find my baby aspirin so I took 1.5 (325mg of Aspirins) and another time I took 2 regular 325mg of aspirin and that worked also with my Vitamin C. I don't believe that I would be here if I would have gone to the hospital due to how they're treating cov. I believe that I would be six feet under. With cov I believe that aspirin is your friend. That's why when cove first came out the news reporters were reporting not to take Aspirin bcz it exasperates cove, well I'm here to tell you that that is not true. Disclosure; I am not a doctor, I'm not trying to treat anyone for anything. You must check with your doctor before taking anything. If you're already on blood thinners you have to be careful with the above. You must drink lots of water bcz that's what I did so I wouldn't damage my kidneys.

    I believe this is a money making machine for the people that were in meeting 201. It's a mass vaccination program for profit. Our immune system is divinely created and the repeated washing of hands and the mask wearing is detrimental to our health. You need to understand how the body naturally builds up it's own immune system. The wearing of masks for one deprives US of oxygen, amongst other things. People need to watch George Carlin's take on germs on YouTube…it quickly explains how our immune system works in short. (Waring to those who don't like swearing) but he get to the point & it's a quick class on our immune system.
    Another quick warning, is that as a taxi driver I've picked up a lot of people around the world and the shared with me some horrific stories. One being that they're building hospitals like a real estate boom, so these crooks are preparing a big spike in something. Stay away from Big hospitals and start going to small clinics and small private practices, maybe even a good holistic doctor bcz what's going on with cove is unreal.

    In 2020 I have had riders in my cab tell me that they had to video chat with their family members when the hospitals have told them that their loved one will pass away due to the cove and when they video chat with their loved ones, their loved ones told them that they didn't feel sick and they passed away anyways.
    Another lady told me that her aunt had a bladder infection and when she didn't come home they were calling different hospitals and found her in the hospital intubated and she couldn't talk bcz she was heavily sedated with her throat cut and the intubation tube down her throat and they woke her up with trouble asking her what had happened and all she could do is barely hold their hand and weep, she past away with cove.
    Now I'm hearing again as I did when this all started that the hospitals are full again and I heard a nurse say on the YouTube news that loved ones are being moved to different hospitals bcz they have so many cov patients and family members can't find them…this should be illegal and attorneys need to get involved bcz they are trying to slip a mickey on us all & intubate people without their families consent.
    Another rider shared with me that her uncle went into a hospital for regular old folks aches and pains and a nurse quietly walked over to him and told him to leave bcz people like him are coming in and not leaving bcz they are saying they got the cove. Ok, no lie…facts here from my RIDERS from the horses mouth. We are being lied to here.
    Look up Bill G. Eugenics project, meeting 201, follow the $, the science, the truth about the real cove death with Dr. Scott Jensen. Everything can be proven. We all need to sue, people and big & small churches need to band together & sue for forced vàccines bcz I believe this is the precursor for the mark of the beast. To all believer's, we are to but the whole armor of God, that meaning to fight against the beast/wilds of the devil. Paul, Peter, John & Jesus himself was put in prison for speaking out, going against the grain. We can NOT be an easy lay-down for these crooks PROFITEERS. Get all these doctors together who are speaking the truth about cove, along with the people who publish the autism magazine & Doctor Paul who just wrote the book about vàccine injury stats & prove the science, it's all there.
    I believe that the poliovirus was also created as was the 1918 pandemic. I look at the UTube videos on it & the same clouds are there as these fake, man made clouds hover over us now, go look. We didn't see the sun due to these cloud's. Someone needs to test the soot that falls on our cars, compare it to our bloodstream & look into see if that's what's killing us & all also killing our vegetation. A retired teacher told me that we are being sprayed with the same thing that they sprayed the Vietnam vets with. We need to get the compound of that in the lawsuit of the Vietnam vets against the federal gov & compare. Screenshot this message and pass the word on please.
    Recall all gov officials that aren't helping us.ever gov official must only serve 4 years bcz they become sellouts! This is the only way we will fix this. They are passing laws behind our backs Write petitions & get them past. Roll back the home taxes to a lower %. This is criminal. Stop making ppl lose their home due to over inflated Hospital bills. They should have government subsidies. I've had 80yr old ppl tell me with 70%/80% coverage lose their home after an extensive care. We all are going to get sick in our old age. These ppl told me they're loosing everything they've ever worked for. You will own nothing.This is abuse to the elderly & so is the cov. dr n nurse plz speak-out. Attorneys get involved. Pray, stop fighting & pray more. Even when you take the vaccine doing what I did might help U.Btnghjnjhg

  2. Yeah aadami number aek ka haraamjada hai kyonki iss …. mare ko to har mahine salary milati hai par 70 feesadi log to roj kammate aur khate hain.vaise galati isaki bhi nahin hai Bajra chutiya to yeahan ki Janta hai jo idhar udhar ke muddon par to sadak par marvati ghumati hai par bhoonkh se mar rahi hai par aek baar bhi aawaj nahin uthai ki ab aur lockdown nahin.

  3. इस जमाने में किस को बेवकूफ बना रहे हो दुनिया चांद पर पहुंच गई और तुम पत्र लिख रहे हो अभी तक वैक्सीन के लिए

  4. (IF U HAVE GUTS THEN ANSWER THIS )This idiot cm doesn't care about poor Delhi 80% of people are the daily earning workers … people will die either of covid or poverty and hunger called IAS doesn't know in this lockdown people are also dieing with hunger.. this theif kejriwal just does meeting with business man and after consulting he puts lockdown again…govt should also help financially…WHEN Modi was doing it every body was shouting for financial support and now what …Delhi government doing lockdown for 4 weeks and I have seen people migrate bcz of poverty and hunger… hypocrisy of Indian..this country will be destroyed it self by people like this..

  5. Sab log tex dena band kar do sala koi suvidha tao milti nahi tao tex kis bat ka lete hai na hospital milta hai na lockdown me khana na oxygen milti hai na bank ke lon me chhot tao tex log dena band kar de tex jabhi diya jana chahiye jab suvidha mile warna nahi sali gandu sarkar

  6. Kejriwal tum tao bol rahe thye ke meri power chhin li hai tao tum lockdown kese laga rahe ho logo ki azadi chhin li tumne aur modi ne milkar bimari tao bahana hai

  7. Ek week ek week krke 2 month hogye inhe lockdown lgaye sabka inta time waste hora h private walo ki salary ni milri kaha jaye kya kre log har koi inki tarah business man or neta ni h jo sabka sahi chalra ho 😐

  8. 😑Lockdown SE pahale salary bhejo
    Tum sab neta garibo ki majburi kya janoge…….bas AA k lockdown BADA dete ho aur hum logo ko Corona se BHI Jada khatarnak chijo Ka samana karna PADA hai….Jaise Rent , Loan etc…

  9. ye kejriwal pagal he kya…….ise kya pata hum Kese din Kat rahe he… Kam he nahi kiraye per rehte he bank vale kist ke liye bol rahe he jeb me 1 Rs bhi nahi he A/c minus me he….. Mar jae kya in netao ko to lockdown me salary mil jaegi…. Marna to hamara he

  10. Garib k ghrr rashan
    Bank ki kist maaf
    Bijli bill , silender
    School college fees
    10000 rs har mhine km se km
    Mkan ka kiray
    De do fir lock down bdhaa lo ….. Corona to bahana h bc grib ko lockdown se marna h …….. Tumse naa ho paayga beta

  11. Mazaak bana rakha hai har hafte…ek baar hi bol de 1 saal ka lockdown, har hafte ka drama bana rakha hai..When it mattered during Diwali, New Year and Holi and strict measures were to be enforced then Mr CM was busy with farmers earning limelight n his points and now corona corona kar rahey ho…

  12. Abe sidha 2 mahine ka laga do lollipop q de rahe ho ….dhire dhire …is Mahamari ko bade samjh sakte he bachhe nahi …bachho ke kharch ke liye khaate me pese daalo fir 1 saal ke liye laga do lockdown 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  13. केजरीवाल जी को अधिक से अधिक ट्वीट कीजिए, संदेश भेजिए कि दिल्ली में सुबह 9:00 बजे से लेकर शाम को 6:00 या 7:00 बजे तक राहत दे, सख्त हिदायतों के साथ, ताकि लोग अपने कारोबार शुरू कर पाए और रात का कर्फ्यू जारी रखें । अभी गर्मी का मौसम है दिन में तो वैसे ही बिना काम के कोई घर से नहीं निकलता, घूमने फिरने के लिए जो भीड़ निकलती है वो रात के समय में ही निकलती है,‌ शीतल हवा का आनंद लेने के लिए ।

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