Earnings February 2020: How a lot did I earn from inventory pictures

On this one, I inform about my triumphs and tribulations on the earth of inventory photogrophy for February.
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My digicam gear:
Canon EOS 70D
Panasonic FZ300
Sigma customary zoom lens DC 17-50mm f2.8 OS EX HSM
Sigma 70-200 f2.8 OS DG HSM telephoto lens
Yongnuo YN565EX flash
Benro carbon fibre monopod C48FD

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  1. Just started on Shutterstock a few months ago and with a portfolio of currently about 70 photos, I have 14 downloads with prices paid ranging from 25 cents to 3 whole dollars! It's fun. I did submit some images to getty and am anxiously awaiting their decision.

  2. Shutterstock has turned into garbage. If the administrators have photos themselves on that service which they probably do it means they are blocking new people from entering into their if you ask me. By turning down new photos they protect their own sales. A waste of time to do it now.

  3. Nice video, thanks for sharing.
    I want to get into selling stock photos on the side.
    Was wondering, how are the amounts made so variable – do customers decide how much they wish to pay?

  4. Thank you very much for information Andrew …!!! I am also a beginner I have 190 photos at Shutterstock and earn 10 $ already ..jejejejej…so thanks for information mate …keep it up …liked subed…

  5. Hey Andrew! So happy to watch your earnings grow. Last month I had more sales on photos, mainly 2 big ones on Alamy. We must focus on video but remain loyal to our love for photography. Greetings! 🙂

  6. Another interesting video – thanks, Andrew. One idea I have for a future video would be to explain to new stock photographers things like 'on-demand sales', 'subscription sales' and information about how stock agencies license images. The image of the Tesla charging was interesting and your work to blot out logos etc. How and when do you need to do this? Also, how do you manage releases – paper/digital? Do you obtain many releases? Obviously, you have already covered some of these things in past videos but it would be interesting to have a video just on administration and requirements before you upload to agencies (some of the background things you need to be aware of). Not sure if you think this sort of information is worth a video, but I will keep my fingers crossed. You are doing a good job with the channel and good luck with growing it to 1,000 subscribers – I've done my bit!

  7. Hi, for how long have you been on Shutterstock. I just started in middle of January and I'm happy to sell a few images already, not a huge number but I am surprised that downloads started so quickly. Since mid-February I have at least one downloading almost every day (not weekends).

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