The Speak's Piers Morgan Dialogue: Contained in the Co-Hosts’ Submit-Present Assembly With Sharon Osbourne

On Wednesday, the ladies of ‘The Speak’ received right into a heated on-air dialogue about Sharon Osbourne’s choice to defend Piers Morgan and his feedback about Meghan Markle, following the Duchess of Sussex’s interview with Oprah Winfrey. Now, a supply tells ET that the 68-year-old tv persona and her co-hosts had a closed-door assembly following Wednesday’s present, however ‘nothing was resolved.’

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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  1. The Talk will go down the tubes without Sharon Osbourne. This expectation of a loyalty oath to keep your job even though she said she disagreed with Piers comments is unAmerican.

  2. This is a BLM agenda,the actual racist is them, Morgan has proven to be correct, Markel is a sociopathic liar, delusional..she is not even black,one quarter if she's lucky…

  3. Sharon was right when discussing pierc has the right to not like someone. But that doesn't fit the narrative of the this culture so they had to take it and add the person's skin color to it and come with accusations. Basically they spinned it damaging people's reputations

  4. The Racial Discrimination Act makes racism that amounts to discrimination against the law. Racial discrimination is when a person is treated less favourably, or not given the same opportunities, as others in a similar situation, because of their race, the country where they were born, their ethnic origin or their skin colour.
    Calling someone out on their behaviour is not racist. I just wonder if MM was, French Canadian with Irish ancestry, for example, if the world would be as divided as it appears to be now. Or if the question would be, why are you airing your family squabbles on international tv. Just a thought, for 2 people who wanted privacy and the opportunity to raise their family away from the spectacle and have a normal life, they sure love the cameras. Whatever happened to Harry's favourite place in the world.
    Harry and Meghan's narrative was always going to end up in California. And that's great. Do what most people do when they hate their family, move away and get on with your life. Give back the titles and live off you millions you are getting from your other jobs, and spend your energy making your new family happy.

  5. Harry must have known the people Meghan Markle was going to meet and socialise with were out of her league especially after she was caught with a camera photographing the interior of Kensington Palace and thereafter was forbidden to walk around similar properties unescorted. The view formed then was: She may-well-be gathering private information on them to be sold-on to newspapers, supermarket tabloids and tv stations. The Oprah W show is just for starters. Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne nailed her correctly and they both deserve all our thanks and praise

  6. NOBODY in the whole world cared about Meghan Markle, HER voice or HER color, she just played the racist card to go back in Hollywood play the victim and make commercial deals with stolen Royal titles while sending the Royal family, her dad and UK under the bus, Piers is totally right about the awful bully she is, he doesn’t care of her color at ALL, nor does Sheryl or anyone else ! The totally oriented interview of billionaire Soap Oprah is pure propaganda for more cash $$$$

  7. Was it racist 2 black women attacking a white woman? I’m not white but this black movement has really taught me about racist … it can only go one way – the black way

  8. Sharon Osborne should not be rewarded for her bad behavior. If the decision is made to terminate her from the show she should not get a bundle of money. How many people get a severance package for spewing racist comments at their jobs. She has the right to her opinion but to be hurtful to others is not an opinion it is unfair.

  9. She thinks you have to say something to be racist… your actions can make you racist.. I don’t feel sorry for her .. she’s the only that has to wake up and look at her dry wrinkled face everyday

  10. Is Sheryl trying to dictate who can be friends with whom? If that’s the case then I will have no one tell me who I can and can’t be friends with. Just because they don’t like them. I believe Sheryl was wrong in this situation. Not everyone is going to agree with comments that are made. People need to respect that.

  11. I hope all of the people encouraging this modern day witch hysteria around any opinions that offend the mainstream are happy with the world they’re creating. Or destroying. Maybe that’s the point.

  12. oh make all hosts black and exclude white people from everywhere, cancel them, and let's see the ratings. I'm so tired of this racist accusations for nothing. Wow, God forbid someone criticizes meghan markle's character, because if you simply don't like or agree with her you are automatically racist. Like there is absolutely nothing else in her character besides the fact that she is partially black. So for example if somebody who is black is always late for work and gets fired in the end for doing so, would be considered a racial victim. Oh please, twisting the reality to fit agendas.

  13. That Friendship with Piers Morgan is gonna cost Sharon. When your friend says Racist things and trashes someone about their Mental health, you run from them NOT support them in the Public eye. Then you discuss it with them in private. A learning experience for Sharon. Especially about the Network that she feels turned on her by having the other 2 Co-hosts confront her like that live on TV. They should've told her what was going to be asked instead of just Blindsiding her like that causing a strong reaction. This is what happens when you get too cozy with a Network; you can always be replaced. It's about saving Face & Ratings with them even if it meant throwing her under the bus.

  14. Sharon Underwood showed real patience and restraint as Sharon Osbourne recklessly ran her mouth. Would of loved to see Sheryl give her that energy right back so she could have cried victim like racist white women have done for centuries. Sheryl will wash Sharon physically, or mentally and that much is apparent.

  15. Piers is too caught up in "his" roual family. By this point in this century, royal families are not needed and are pointless. Him, as well as so many other Britians have put them on the HIGHEST pedestal, for what reason tho? They're just there, they dont do anything. It IS very possible that someone had concerns of an interracial baby with dark skin, after all they r royalty and for generations their family has been white. It would have to definitely be a traditional member of the family. Piers doesn't understand that "his" royal family is not as perfect as he may think. He needs to consider that. But Sharon wasnt racist, ppl declare everything to be racist nowadays and its so stupid. We cant even have DISCUSSIONS anymore bc as soon as someone can get the chance they declare someone racist. Half of those ppl dont knoe what true racism is. There may look like a lot of racists, but in actually, at least in America, its only a few percentage of those actual, hostile ppl towards blacks, Asians, etc. Dont forget, blacks r not the ONLY ones facing racism. Asians especially now are being literally slaughtered in groups, with that shooting at those spas. She was just trying to defend him.

  16. Raceism is not black or white its all culture like indians Asian spanish Russian's Jewish all skin colors on this earth and I don't those questions should be. brought up. on TV because its personal

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