New Arrests In Professional-Trump Capitol Riot, Particulars Emerge On Demise Of Officer Sicknick | MSNBC

NBC Information’ Pete Williams particulars the newest data from the pro-Trump Capitol riot together with new particulars on the dying of Officer Brian Sicknick and new arrests manufactured from rioters. Aired on 2/15/2020.
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New Arrests In Professional-Trump Capitol Riot, Particulars Emerge On Demise Of Officer Sicknick | MSNBC

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  1. Wow I thought he was bludgeoned by a fire extinguisher…but that wasn't true. He was sprayed with pepper spray. Then they said he died from his injuries..but now it is he died of a stroke on his brain stem..natural causes..sort of makes you think you should have waited for the facts…

  2. All these Traitors including their crazy leader have Blood on their Hands!!! This is why all who participated in the Jan. 6th insurrection Must Be Punished Harshly!!!

  3. Real Republicans are leaving 25 days after
    1/6/21 This is going to keep happening voters are changing their PARTY 🥳 😳 to anything BUT QANON REPUBLICANS
    Democrats are taking them in by the 1000's
    Leaving the @GOP
    In the REARVIEW


  5. How about some details on Hunter Biden’s 55k per month job with a corrupt fossil fuel energy company in Ukraine? Doesn’t speak Russian , no experience but gets paid 1000 times more than the average Ukrainian. Nothing adds up.

  6. I hate hearing Ted Cruz's voice. He was part of that insurrection he agreed with them he claimed that the election was rigged. can't we just kick them off that committee. it's bad enough that he's part of the Senate but it's total insult to us all that he is allowed to ask questions regarding security.

  7. These Idiots were SO worried about their 'Freedom of Speech Rights' and all that jazz when they don't even realize that those video speech and selfies were also their downfall.

  8. 'the POTUS activate the Militia"??
    The Congress trains, arms and sanctions the State Militias. That's what the Constitution says, in Article 1, Section 1, clause 15 and 16.
    All powers for the activation of any sanctioned Militia is solely invested in the Congress, period.
    These groups are terrorists organizations, period. They dance around pretending that the title 'Militia' belongs to them, it does not.

  9. CAPITOL POLICE were COMPLlCIT and guilty of entrapment! I saw video of them opening the door for people to come inside that day and cops moving barricade to let 3 bus loads of Antifa into the area. Some cops have been charged and 35 are under investigation…BUT, CNN NEVER REPORTS TRUTH.

  10. remember trump was missing, news reporters couldn't locate him for two-three days 6th…to be sure he was meeting with his gang leaders to ensure they knew he wanted exactly what they did the policeman and others kept them from their main goal… of top .

  11. He was acquainted cause his payoffs puppets fbi will gets them too.with his so calls supporters. Federal Prison 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. We are talking about who responsible for the guards Nancy peliski was charged she responsible to paid for it .he didn't died at Washington d.c. capital he died two days later they say he had a heart attack what I heard on the news.what did she know about the riots ? She said she responsible to fence around and hire 25,000 guards that funny she is the one who responsible for everything to take care of it .she is playing games.

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